Leather Vs. Pleather? Give Me The Real Deal!

May 20, 2015 2 Comments

We recently asked our trusty group of fans their preference…. genuine leather vs. PU pleather? There is no doubt our natural instinct for all things luxurious and beautiful immediately scream “hell no, give me the real deal baby!” with 100% of responses whole heartedly choosing the allure of smooth, soft, beautiful genuine leather.

“Einstein’s!” I hear you say, “Why ask such an o-so-obvious question girls?” Firstly, let us begin by noting that we are enormous fans of Australian nappy bag designers. As a small little spec in the sea, Australian consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning bags, all of which are down to our remarkable home-grown talent. In the spirit of brand competition, we are lovers not fighters and are constantly in awe of the beauty produced each year.

But as market conditions change so dramatically, we see many nappy bag designers turn to the inclusion of PU bags to their collection. Hence, begs the question - When it comes to spending your hard earned, does the value offered by PU outweigh your desires for genuine leather?

The Australian dollar has taken a hit in previous months, driving the costs of production through the roof. So the use of PU makes perfect business sense, keeping the product lovely but cost effective enough so you ladies can still avoid giraffe-patterned baby bags.

Isle of Charlie has toyed with notion of introducing PU to our collection for months. Hell, there has been heated discussions into the early hours! The current market is a tough one, and whilst we aim to stay true to our mission of creating stunning leather bags, we also need to make sure our little boutique brand is feasible.

But as we took to the street to get your feedback, the very reason we created this brand ran true – the want for beauty and style at this very special time in our changing lives.

So you win ladies! Back to getting this baby out of production… and real leather it is.

Feel free to shoot us your thoughts in the comments section below - we love to hear from you.

2 Responses

Jody at Six Little Hearts
Jody at Six Little Hearts

May 21, 2015

Oh please stick to leather – your bags are divine and PU is never a good option in a nappy bag. Keep up your exceptional quality!

Margaret Szabo
Margaret Szabo

May 21, 2015

Well done on the research ladies… my customers just love your leather bags….

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