Top 10 Essentials to Pack in Your Nappy Bag

June 03, 2015

So you've just got your new nappy bag (eek!) and you can't wait to pack it... but hang on, what exactly do you put in there? Some women choose to carry light, while others lug around a suitcase... so we've put together a list of top 10 essentials to get you started.


1. Nappies and wipes
Ahh.. no brainer? Nappy bags should be filled with nappies right? Be sure to stock your bag with a few spare nappies.. especially in those early days! And once you've used them, be sure to restock! 

When becoming a mother, baby wipes take on a whole new role in your life. Those things are damn good! Not only are they handy for their intended use, but they'll become your goto for cleaning up spills, cleaning faces and dusting furniture (don't knock until you try it!).

2. Change Mat 
Public changing tables are well.... interesting! So you'll be glad when you've got a portable change mat to put down before laying your oh-so-clean baby. All Isle of Charlie changing bags come with a washable and wipable change mat. You can also buy thin disposable change mats.

3. Change of clothes
A must for babies, and a good idea for toddlers. 

4. Feeding
If bottle feeding, pack bottles of water and formula powder. Containers can be purchased to separate multiple serves of powder and will get you through the entire day. All Isle of Charlie bags also include an insulated bottler holder to keep your liquids either warm or cool. If breast feeding and not entirely comfortable with public feeding, pack a muslin wrap or a breast feeding cover.

 5. Snacks

A lifesaver when your little one is hungry or restless. Pack small non-perishable items such as biscuits, rusks or rice crackers... Baby Mum Mum's are a favourite and do the trick every time!

6. Bibs

A few bibs will never go astray, especially when feeding, dribbling or learning to eat. Bibs take on a whole host of jobs! 

7. Creams and potions kit
Put together a kit that includes hand sanitiser, band-aids, tissues, nappy rash cream, nail scissors and antiseptic cream. This will keep you covered for almost any situation! All Isle of Charlie bags include a clear plastic purse that is perfect for creating and storing this little kit.

8. Muslin wrap and/or blanket
Use muslin wraps to wrap bubs for sleep, or to cover the pram at sleep time. Blankets for warmth or for a pram cover.

9. Water and Sippy Cup
Stay hydrated! Be sure to carry a water bottle not only for your little one, but also for yourself! A sippy cup will also make things much easier for little hands.

10. Toys
Throw in your child's favourite toy or activities to keep them busy! A rattle, matchbox cars or colouring-in just may be the trick you need to keep them entertained at dinner out, or while finishing the shopping.

Now that you've got everything you need for bub's, don't forget your own essentials! Phone, keys, wallet, lip gloss and any other personals to get your through the day!

You can download our comprehensive Nappy Bag Checklist here.

Happy packing! 

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