Care Information

Isle of Charlie nappy bags are constructed using the finest quality leather.

As leather is a natural material, inconsistency of colour and texture is normal and should not be considered a fault. Our leather is designed to fade and soften with time. Treat with care to extend the life of your nappy bag.

Do not allow sharp objects to come in contact with the leather as they can scratch and cut.
Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

To Maintain

Applying an approved productive leather product is highly recommended after purchase. Use a good quality leather care cream every 6 months to maintain softness and durability.

To Clean

To clean the leather use a good quality Leather care Cream. Waproo’s Zorbel Leather Conditioner is a superior leather conditioner with a rich blend of natural waxes and lanolin. It protects, cleans, polishes and preserves smooth leather. Use sparingly with a clean white cloth in a dabbing motion to remove dirt. Do not rub.
Low quality leather creams such as those available from the supermarket may damage and/or stain the leather surface. Use of inappropriate leather conditioners may void warranty.

  • Remove food type stains as best you can with a dry cloth, without wiping it into the leather, and then leave it to dissipate into the leather over time.
  • Do not try to clean with water as this may stain.
  • Never use soap, solvents or stain removers.

Light colours are prone to absorbing other dye stuffs they come into contact with, so please take care when wearing light coloured items of clothing with your bag.

Light coloured leathers can be prone to absorbing dark coloured clothing materials such as denim.
If you have a question regarding the care of your Isle of Charlie nappy bag, please contact us on +61 1300 660 795 or