Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with Isle of Charlie bags?

All Isle of Charlie bags are complete with the following inclusions:

  • Adjustable shoulder strap also used for pram/stroller attachment
  • Wipeable change mat
  • Insulated bottle holder
  • Dummy safe
  • Wet-pack purse


Which of your bags is the largest?

The Victoria Nappy Bag or Finlay Nappy Bag are the largest in the current Isle of Charlie collection. Both of these bags are very similar in size, and offer seven internal pockets as well as lots of internal space once these pockets are filled. The Victoria Nappy Bag offers additional storage because of the external pocketing, but because of this weighs slightly more than the Finlay.

The structuring of the Finlay makes the internal space appear slightly larger and is easily accessible, however both of these bags are very roomy and suitable for multiple children.


What is the difference between the bags?

Each of the bags in the Isle of Charlie collection have subtle difference to cater to all Mums.

Victoria Nappy Bag Emma Nappy Tote Finlay Nappy Bag Ava  Nappy Bag
Material 100% Italian Leather 100% Italian Leather 100% Italian Leather 100% Italian Leather
Dimensions 45L x 32H x 18W 43L x 31H x 13W 42L x 32H x 18W 45L x 32H x 18W
Internal Pockets 7 Internal Pockets 7 Internal Pockets 7 Internal Pockets 7 Internal Pockets
Spacing (once pockets filled) Large Small Large Medium to Large
External Pockets 5 External Pockets 3 Internal Pockets 1 External Pocket 1 zippered pocket
3 slip pockets
1 zippered pouch placed in bag front
Suit Multiple Children Yes No Yes Yes
Suitable for

Suitable for all mums.This large bag has lots of additional storage due to the additional exterior pockets.

Suitable for mums that don't want
a large bag and only wants to carry the essentials. Also great for returning to work, as its orientation fits A4 files and/or laptop easily.

Suitable for all mums. This bag is
simple and elegant, but still roomy enough to cater to the busiest of parents. Also great for returning to work and will fit laptop easily.

Best for the multi-tasker! This bag 
has a removable front slip pocket that will fit an iPad.
 Plenty of room left once the pockets are full and great for returning to work as it will fit laptop.
Weight 1.5kg 800 grams 800 grams 1kg
Colours Available Tan, Black Beige, Black Almond, Vintage Red, Black

Grey or Tan Leather
Black Leather/Patent or Navy Leather/Patent


What does the internal layout of the bags look like?
All of Isle of Charlie's nappy bags share the same internal pocket layout. This pocket design has proven to give the utmost functionality and storage in the baby bags.


What colour bag?

Isle of Charlie offer many different neutral colours to ensure our collection matches either your pram/stroller or even your everyday wardrobe. Colour is a personal choice, but we find many mothers like to match their pram, while others try and choose to match the season or their wardrobe.

Many mothers are worried about the lighter leather colours in the collection and the potential of these being stained or constantly dirty. Don't be! All of Isle of Charlie's bags are premium Italian leather and are likened to frequent cleaning. If using a good quality leather cleaner, your Beige or Almond bag will stay looking like new.


Will an Isle of Charlie bag work on my pram?

Isle of Charlie baby bags are compatible with most prams or strollers on the market. In fact, we haven't met one yet that doesn't work with an Isle of Charlie nappy bag! All Isle of Charlie nappy bags are supplied with a long adjustable shoulder strap that can be used to hang your bag straight over the handlebars of your pram. We also offer (available separately) short stroller straps that clip to each side of the bag and around the pram straps. See these at Stroller Straps. 


Still got questions?

Feel free to contact us on 1300 660 795 or and we'll try and help you with any further questions you have.